Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting from Second Chance Dog Rescue

Q: What is the adoption fee?
A: Our adoption fee is $150. This fee helps offset the medical expenses we incur on the rescued dogs.

Q: What is the adoption procedure?
A: It's a multi-step process. First, you need to complete an application (we have an on-line application on our website); when we receive the application it will be reviewed. If it passes the intitial review, we will check veterinary and/or personal references. Once the references are checked, we will schedule a home visit. If the home visit goes well, the application is considered "approved" and the adoption can take place.

Q: I'd like to come see the dogs. Where are you located?
A: We have 2 locations: In Georgia, just west of Savannah; and in Alabama, just outside of Phenix City. However, we are NOT a shelter and are not open to the public for drop-in visits. Our dogs are kept in volunteers' homes and all visits to foster dogs are by appointment only, and AFTER your application has been processed.

Q: Does Second Chance do "long-distance" adoptions?
A: Yes, if the dog does not have serious behavioral problems. When we do a long-distance adoption, the transporation arrangements must be made by the adoptor. We prefer that the adopter drives here to get the dog. However, if the distance is too great, shipping via a major airline is another option. We do not transport our dogs via "CUR" or rescue transports.

Q: What is the cost to ship a dog by plane?
A: It varies by weight and distance. Just to give an example, we have shipped a small-breed dog to Louisiana for $140; a large-breed dog to Washington state for $180.

Q: I've heard horror stories about dogs dying on planes. Are they true?
A: Some might be. We are very careful when shipping dogs, and never ship in overly hot or cold weather. Shipping must be "counter to counter."

Q: Do you require a fenced-in yard?
A: It depends on the dog. Some dogs are very low-energy or have problems such as fence jumping. A home with no fenced yard would be appropriate for a dog like that. However, a high-energy dog would need a fenced area to run and get the proper amount of exercise.

Q: My application for a particular dog has been denied. Does that mean my application is not approved?
A: Not necessarily. We approve applications on a case-by-case basis. While the home you offer may not be appropriate for a certain dog, it may be appropriate for another. We will keep your application on file for up to a year, if you request it, and contact you if we get a dog that we feel is a good match for you.


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